The Keep It Real Band is one of the Boston area's premiere musical groups with experience performing at weddings for more than twenty years. Choosing the music provider for your wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. Often times the most important part of your function can be overlooked and the so called entertainment is thrown in to a package deal with the centerpieces and napkins. The music makes the party so we ask you, why wouldn’t you want a live band performing at your wedding?

Keep It Real has a variety of music for all your guests with an impressive resume spanning many generations. The group and its members have played in an extremely entertaining fashion for previous clients and can provide you with references if you wish. Performances include music from classic standards from the 40”s and 50”s to 70”s R+B and disco to 80’s rock classics all the way up to today’s hits. Don’t overlook the most important part of a successful party, the music.

Keep It Real plays around the Boston area at many of the best nightclubs/restaurants so come out to see us perform live and hear why we have been in demand for so long. If you take Keep It Real to your function your guests may not remember the centerpieces or napkins but they WILL remember the music. Why settle for pre-recorded music when you can Keep It Real. We look forward to speaking with you.

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